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Fraser Fir

The needles are dark green or blue green, 1 to 1 1/2 inches long, soft to the touch and radiate out in all directions from the branch. The sap in the branches and needles has a citrus flavored scent.

One of the most popular Christmas treesavailable due to the dense amount of branches and needles. This tree has stronger branches that will hold heavier ornaments.

Douglas Fir

Plut's has the following 6 species of Christmas trees.

Often used for stuffing pine-pillows, these sharp needles are 1 - 1 ½ in. in length. This species is bluish-gray in color and has a strong odor when needles are crushed. This Christmas Tree has good symmetrical form and has an attractive blue foliage. It also has good needle retention.

Because of the strength and sharpness of the needles, The Blue Spruce is not recommended for families that will hang ornaments with young children.

The Serbian Spruce species is very unique in its color and natural Christmas Tree Shape. Needles are sharply pointed and are each individually attached to the branches. The Color is dark green with two distinct bands on the lower surface which give the tree an overall silvery appearance. The Serbian Spruce is excellent at holding ornaments but has only an average needle retention.


Similar to the Douglas Fir, The Fraser has a large base with 1 inch needles and strong branches. The branches tend to point upwards with needles growing on the upper side of the branches.

The needles in particular have a dueling green top face and blue underside. The scent is a sweet citrus.

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Needles are small and narrow and occur in rows. On upper branches, needles tend to be thicker and more curved than those on lower branches. Needles are usually 1/2 to 1 1/2 inch long, pointed or notched at the tip, bluish-green when young. Typically, they are flat, without stalks. The great appeal of the Concolor is the fragrant orange-citrus smell that comes from the long needles.

Concolor Fir

Blue Spruce

Serbian Spruce

Plut's Christmas Tree Farm

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White Pine

The White Pine species is characterized by having the softest needles available. This tree also is the lightest of all the trees offered at Plut's. For those who want and easy setup and removal, a white pine is recommended. The branches of the white pine are not conducive for hanging heavy ornaments. however, the long 2 to 4 inch needles fill out the perfect Christmas tree cone shape.